Welcome to Praising Paws

I am Sherry Hanson, I live in the beautiful Ozark Mountains with my husband Chris and our two dogs Duke and Layla! I have been a pet lover all my life and now as an adult I have realized that they are my passion. My passion has become a reality as the owner of Our Praising Paws. Our Praising Paws is a online business where I teaching pet parents practical information to help their dogs live their best life through healthy and wholesome treats and nutrition as well as providing natural solutions to their ailments. As a pet parent I have also found it difficult to find someone that would take care of my dog like I would while I was away. I realized that if I was feeling this way then others probably were too, so I decided to provide this safe in-home atmosphere for pups to stay while their parents were away with in-home dog boarding. Not only is the well being of our pets very important to me but also the well being of the pets without parents so we also give a portion of all purchases to our local animal shelter. This animal shelter is where I adopted my beloved Duke. I started volunteering at this shelter and feel in love as soon as I laid eyes on that sweet little puppy. About a year following my adoption of Duke we decided that he needed a friend so we decided to adopt our dog Layla. These two dogs have really made us a family.